4 Daily Uses For Your Microscope

The Mini World

Our lives are so busy sometimes we forget there is an entire world living right next to us. You may have purchased the Microscope Camera to inspect jewelry, as a toy for your child or for skin inspection. Out of the many reasons, here are 3 other uses to get the most out of your product!

1. Biology

Ants, plants, leaves, trees, spiders. So many living things, sometimes when things get busy it's hard to take a break. We often feel like there's so much to do.

If you ever feel stressed, just grab your Microscope and head out into the woods, there are so many living things to examine and discover in there! It's a whole entire adventure that will help you relax.


3. Skin + Hair Inspection

Whether you're a dermatologist, into beauty, or want effectively manage your skin, you will be able to do all three. the Microscope can zoom in just right for your needs. If you are a dermatologist you can zoom into your client's skin and do your thing. With makeup and skin care, you can zoom in slightly.


4. Jewelry Inspection

Ever wondered what crystals or diamonds look like under a Microscope? If you own a jewelry store or simply want to examine what crystals look like, you can do this easily. The Microscope is a much less expensive version of traditional Jewelry versions.

It's also great for school science labs that talk about metamorphic rocks! If you're a teacher, make sure you show off and brag about this little gadget.


5. A Great Toy

If you have kids, you will not be disappointed when your Microscope is put into use. Having a kid and owning this Microscope gives me the experience to say, kids absolutely love this thing. So many children are consumed in iPads and iPhones on social media they seem to forget that there is a whole entire world right in front of them!

The Microscope really lets them get outside, be creative, collaborate, and observe this brand new world.