About Us

So You Want To Know A Little About TopNuggit?

Welcome to TopNuggit. Our team is a family and so are our customers. We live and operate in right here in Texas! Our team works intensively all day and all night to test, evaluate and pick Top-Notch products that you will love. We understand everyone has different hobbies & interests which is why we're committed to delivering products as unique as you are!

We are constantly adding items to boost your lifestyle, problem solve, and to help innovate. So make sure to check back with us from time to time and see if there is anything you can't live without!

Our mission is to offer unique quality products not found in traditional stores at an affordable price. We put customer satisfaction first and want to help make your life easier by keeping you ahead of the curve.

Our team works with multiple brands across the globe and have our own warehouses located mainly in the USA, and Asia.

How We Started!

Our two founders Isaiah and Rodney always loved seeing new and cool products on the market. But unique products weren't widely available and customer service sucked. It always felt like companies were cheating people out of their hard earned money.

They believed a thoughtfully curated, discovery-based site that offered the best cutting edge items would fix this hole in the market. The ultimate vision was to have the widest selection of the coolest and most unique products on the planet all in one place!

From these principles, TopNuggit was born. We read & respond to every email you send because that allows our team to improve your experience with us. We are constantly launching hundreds of products every month all at an affordable price

We want to make the customer experience seamless, that's why we will be installing a Live Chat, Customer Phone Line, and Messenger Support Team all by December 2020.

So welcome to TopNuggit! If you have any questions you can email us at Thanks for reading our short story. 😉