About Us

So You Want To Know A Little About TopNuggit?

Welcome to TopNuggit. Our team is a family and so are our customers. We live and operate in right here in Texas! Our team works intensively all day and all night to test, evaluate and pick Top-Notch products that you will love. We understand everyone has different hobbies & interests which is why we're committed to delivering products as unique as you are!

We are constantly adding items to boost your lifestyle, problem solve, and to help innovate. So make sure to check back with us from time to time and see if there is anything you can't live without!

Every company has goals. Our 2 goals are simple, we put customer satisfaction first, and we want to help you stay ahead of the curve by supplying you with cool/trendy products that help solve issues in your day to day life!

Our team works with multiple brands across the globe and have our own warehouses located across multiple locations such as the USA, Canada, and Asia.

How We Started!

We have a very simple beginning! Our two founders Isaiah and Ralph have always wanted to build a business, but they noticed that a lot of companies had very poor customer service and a poor/boring selection of products that did not bring excitement!

Isaiah and Ralph wanted to solve that problem in a very simple and effective way. After figuring out their goals, they created TopNuggit!

We put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities. Our secondary focus is on top-notch products that bring excitement to you and solve common problems.

We read & respond to every email you send because that allows our team to improve your experience with us. We want to make sure our items give you the confidence you need.

And because customer satisfaction is our Main Principle, we will be installing a 9-5 Central Time Live Chat, Customer Phone Line, Messenger Support Team, and will be adding more family members to our Email Support!

Our goal is to complete this by Winter 2019 to improve your experience with us.

So welcome to TopNuggit! If you have any questions you can email us at support@topnuggit.com. Thanks for reading our short story. 😉