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Telescopic Hose
Telescopic Hose

Telescopic Hose

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Expands when you fill it with water, contracts when you turn the water off!

This hose makes watering projects easier than ever. When contracted, it fits into the palm of your hand so you can carry it with you to any other part of the yard. Then just attach the brass fittings to the connectors and water faucet to start it up again.


  • Collapsible: This hose is collapsible, making it perfect for tasks like washing your car, rinsing your dog, cleaning rain gutters, or watering your lawn.
  • Durable Outer Lining: The durable outer lining prevents it from being ripped, or have any leaks.
  • UV Ray Protection: Improved with an outer solar stripe shield, the shield protects it from damage caused by UV rays.
  • 100% Portable: 25ft / 50ft / 75ft / 100ft. No matter how long the hose is, it'll wrap up into a spiral-shaped circle for you to take anywhere.