Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating

Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating
Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating
Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating
Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating
Best Ceramic Nano Hydrophobic Coating For Clothes and Shoes
Best Ceramic Nano Hydrophobic Coating For Clothes and Shoes

Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Coating

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Nanex™ Super Hydrophobic Co...


The Original Multifunctional Super Hydrophobic Coating!

The Nanex™️ Coating is a self-cleaning coating that repels dirty water and thick oils, keeping the coated object clean and virtually dirt-free.

Just applying a thin coat of the formula forms an extremely strong protective shell on the items surface protecting it from UV rays, environmental contaminants, dirt, and it makes it easy for you to do your daily tasks without worrying about any messes.

In fact, Nanex™️ is 100% colorless, eco-friendly, and contains no toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health! So, not only can you apply it indoors without killing a boatload of brain cells, but you can also wear it against your skin without worry.

The best part is that water is repelled by our superhydrophobic surface, meaning it simply rolls away. This is what we mean by self-cleaning: dirt can’t stick to the surface, it either falls off or is easily washed away.

Universal One-Step Application!

It only requires ONE application and will last OVER 1 year! Talk about value for money (Take washing frequency/water heat into consideration)! It's also extremely easy to apply and doesn't require complicated tools or equipment.

With hydro beads, water is actively beaded and repelled, it practically never touches the surface. This means it's safe and can be used on all clothing, fabrics, suede, leather, shoes, boots, hats, jackets, and more!

Finally, keep water and dirt out so you don't have to worry about staining your favorite clothes or shoes ever again.

Why Should You Use The Coating? 

    • Waterproof: Heavy duty resin-based waterproofing spray protects your items against moisture, salt, stains, rain, snow, other liquids and more.
    • Safe: Doesn't contain any harmful or corrosive materials, and doesn't discolor apparel or footwear.
    • Armor-Up: Turns any shoes, clothes, or garments waterproof while maintaining breathability, this prolongs their lifespan and makes them extremely resistant to degradation!
    • Appearance: Crystal-clear and silicone-free formula will not change the appearance of your precious items

    Weekly Maintenance Requires Too Much Time!

    • Dirty or rusted tools are not only harder to use, but they can also be unsafe and tend to break down.
    • Dirty equipment is harder to maintain, resulting in higher wear and more downtime.
    • Dirty clothing and shoes look scruffy, require frequent washings, and wear out faster than clean ones.
        • Dirty furniture takes hard work to get it properly clean, better not to spill anything if you're not using our Nanex™️ Coating

                  IMG 5242 1024x683 - Superhydrophobic textile and leather protection

                  How Do I Apply The Coating? 

                  For clothes and shoes: simply hold the bottle 8 in away from the surface. Then spray the bottle of 50ml coating on your clothes or shoes and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. And of course, make sure that the garments are clean and without dust before applying, that way the results will be way more significant

                  For cars: First, clean up all the dust of your car and apply in a place where nothing will fall over the car while it's drying, a closed spot is ideal. Second, apply the coating in the microfiber detailing towel and spread throughout the car. Then let it dry for 25-35 minutes.

                  Tips: Applying the coating in the outdoors or in a well-ventilated area will achieve the best results. To keep a long lasting effect, reapply seasonally or as repellency diminishes

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