Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™
Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™

Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™

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Never Worry About Your Vehicle Being Stuck Again!

No matter where your next adventure is, always be prepared to drive in the snow, sleet, ice, sand, mud, or any other environment.

Introducing the Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps™! Free your car in a matter of seconds even in the trickiest situations. Just wrap them around your wheel and gently apply pressure. The Tire-Straps will dig into any terrain such as snow, mud or sand. Keep these little helpers on standby and set them up within minutes. Our Premium Quality Material guarantees longevity and outstanding performance.

Why waste time and money paying for expensive tow truck fees? Now you can simply reach in your trunk and grab your Emergency Tire Straps!

It's a must-have for the current Winter Season, Off-Roading Activities, and anyone who simply never wants to get stuck again.


  • Compact & Portable: Safely store these straps in your glove compartment, trunk, or back seat. The Tire Straps only weighs a light 2lbs, this means no matter where your next adventure awaits or what the weather is like, always be prepared!
  • Set-Up & Remove In Minutes: Simply strap them around the top of your tires, tighten the straps and you're good to go. The best part is, you need NO INSTALLATION TOOLS! With only a bit of effort, your vehicle will be unstuck in seconds.
  • Military Grade Craftsmanship: The Tire Straps are made with military grade nylon fiber and high-quality rubber to protect you from tire slippage. We designed these for the most extreme of situations to ensure safe and stable driving, and so you're able to get out of any jams.
  • Universal Fit: No matter what type of car you have, the straps will fit on 95% types of wheels!  This includes SUVs, trucks, and Sedans. It even comes in a set of two for any occasion!

Free Vehicles from Even the Worst Conditions

Sometimes some pretty unfortunate things can happen in life. And getting your car stuck in mud or snow is definitely be one of them.

It happens to so many people all the time. So when it happens to you or someone you know, always have backup ready!

The Anti-Skid Emergency Straps increase friction between tires and the ground to get vehicles out of any situation. 

Simply attach them to the tires and drive right out of trouble.

Whether you're stuck in snow, mud, sand, or anything else, get your car unstuck fast!

The MOST Durable Emergency Straps Yet

Extra strength rubber and nylon allow the Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Straps to take on extreme force without breaking.

Free your car from sticky situations using the emergency straps.

This Product handles force with no problem at all!

Rest easy knowing that you can rely on these Helpers to safe vehicles without breaking.

Bring The Straps With You Everywhere!

The emergency straps are lightweight, portable, and unobtrusive. Take them with you anywhere and everywhere. 

Keep it in your trunk, backseat, in your bag, or wherever you prefer! Just fold them up and they'll be virtually unnoticeable. 

And next time your car or someone else's gets stuck, you'll be prepared to free the vehicle with ease!