Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt

Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt
Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt

Sculpter™ Compression Toning Shirt

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Sculpter™ Compression Tonin...



Struggling to look good in clothes and hate spending hours in the gym? If so, our Toning Shirt may be the solution! This revolutionary shirt will have you amazed with its simple design. Slimming you down in seconds, you'll look great in any outfit!

Engineered with breathable and lightweight fabrics, this extremely comfortable shirt can be worn under anything. It's not too tight or loose, whether you're trying to win over clients or are on a romantic dinner, you'll always look sharp, attractive, and ready.

It also helps burning calories while working out due to the micro-massage effect. The shirt provides gentle constant pressure on your core to help burn fat by delivering deep enriching oxygen to your torso. This gentle pressure also optimizes your posture!

Specifically targeting your trapezius muscles, you'll have more controlled and stable movements to improve your body language alongside fixing rounded shoulders/slouching.

If you're looking for a simple and easy fix to sharpen up then this is the product for you. Tucks in any flab, give you optimal comfort and most importantly... a great looking physique.


  • 360° Toning Technology: Using unique compression technology, this amazing shirt makes you look slimmer, smoother, and holds your core in place to boost blood circulation providing a micro-massage effect
  • 12 Abs Shaping Area: Using gentle pressure towards your lower abdomen, the shirt allows the shape of your abs to come out nicely and more fitted
  • Wear Under Anything: With a 4-way stretch, you can wear this under your work shirt, business casual attire, or under your workout gear without worrying about tears or a lack of mobility, it also has accelerated dry time. It's like wearing a second skin

  • High-Grade Material: Crafted with lightweight, breathable, and quick dry heat gear fabrics to provide a soft, sturdy, and comfortable fit, optimum for workouts, or just day to day use
  • Optimizes Your Posture: Due to compression technology, your posture will be held into place and this will improve your confidence, make you seem taller, and help you feel healthier


Can it cause cramps and does it cause restricted movement?

Answer: Absolutely No! The body shape T-shirts are super breathable & lightweight. It disallows bacteria activities on your body, making your body free from germs and body odor.  Now, due to the tissue structure, the fat is no longer an issue, because it will help hide the fat zones to a point at which it can no longer be noticed. You will feel compact and fitted at all times.

Can it make me look slimmer and more toned?

Answer: Absolutely yes and yes! With the 360° compression technology, the t-shirt will definitely help you burn out those annoying fats and bring out the good shape in you by magnifying the good part of your body. But what about the Abs area? Don't worry we got that covered as well, the muscle micro-massage technology will ensure that your abs come out nicely and more fitted than usual.

Does it really help correct my posture?

Answer: Absolutely Yes, the shirt will help you correct your posture by targeting the trapezius muscles of the upper back so that your posture can be improved. Amazingly, it will also help control your movements, improve your body sensation and boost your confidence.

Can I wear it to sleep?

Answer: Definitely, you can wear the cloth to sleep. Amazingly, it will make your sleep pleasurable. It will give you the freedom to breathe & at the same time, it will help tone your body over the night.

How long can I wear it and is it safe?

Answer: You can wear it as long as you feel comfortable. Our shirt is made to provide maximum comfort to the users at all times. Hence, you can feel free to wear the shirt all day. Just know that our product will give you full comfort for as long as you have it on you.  


S/M  chest  24-37in, weight 110-157 lbs;

L   chest  37-45in, weight 143-187 lbs.

XL  chest  45-52in, weight 178-200 lbs.

XXL chest 50-62in,  weight 200-245 lbs.


At TopNuggit, we truly offer the most stunning, trendy highest-quality products in the world.

We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk.

We make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!

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